The outdoor quick drying T-shirt to try on the report

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These T shirt bright colors, but not exaggerated, color matching, feels very soft texture, worn on the body feels very lightweight. More than an hour of intense confrontation, I discovered that only a little wet signs of chest, back or dry, permeability, very good, it is no wonder to be airtight that also called quick-drying T-shirt, wear cotton than ever before The T-shirt is really quite good.
T-shirt Logo design is very simple, in line with the philosophy of simple and rustic outdoor. The integrated design of the design of the Moncler Outlet shoulder, the shoulder and sleeves fully ensure comfortable shoulder, shoulder a large range of activities there is no sense of restraint. Fabric inside and outside the woven texture less the internal delicate, comfortable to wear, absorbent, is conducive to the rapid spread of water droplets, external great guide Li breathable wicking accelerate the evaporation of sweat to the outside. Outdoor products, or you want to get outdoors to use in order to feel its functionality has been walking along the river valley, the vegetation is very good, so the feeling is not very hot to trek the head, after a period, the body began to sweat, wearing a T-shirt performed well, strong water absorbing perspiration, chest remained dry, and back, carrying a backpack, breathable bad, a bit wet, remove the backpack rest, the back of a kung fu soon done it. Through the trees to prevent branches scratch and put on a fast-drying, T-shirts to wear on the inside, its ability to absorb sweat still very good, basically able body sweat away from the skin surface, the proliferation of very uniform so it will not appear like a cotton T-shirt, often unsightly perspiration.
Can see, after a long trek into a block of water stain does not appear, then the back of some wave, so take advantage of the break to remove the backpack to the back let in the wind, even so the clothes did not sweat clung to her body This shows that Cheap North Face Jackets fabrics suitable for personal use, good results of this T-shirt wearing, color pants, belongs to the type of light show.
Finally, talk about the lack of experience, this T-shirt in a dry environment electrostatic situation is more obvious, especially when undressing. This may be the inevitable problems of chemical fiber clothing. Summarize, people found in outdoor conditions, in particular vegetation better environment, short-sleeved T-shirt there are obvious shortcomings, can not protect the user's arm to the side of the road to scratch, it is recommended that the general or wear long-sleeved quick drying good clothing Comparative. So I find this T-shirt, both in function or color design as an urban leisure or sports in general is more appropriate.

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