Outdoor emergency life-saving equipment evaluation

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Outdoor field for the attention of the emergency life-saving equipment is not very satisfactory, because more and more people to participate in the sport, it will certainly bring more problems, the popularity lifesaving common sense as well as Moncler Outlet equipment can do the maximum possible to reduce the wild the occurrence of the accident, because the most important life brought us to enjoy wonderful nature there will be a variety of tests, so we must not underestimate, not a conquered attitude towards nature, you can never conquer nature, mankind under the forces of nature are very small, at any time, there will be a case happens, life-saving equipment came in handy at this time. Of course, there are a lot of emergency life-saving equipment can be a multi-purpose, and also can achieve the purpose of the least equipped to do most things. Here me in three emergency life-saving equipment: two different thicknesses quality emergency lifesaving blanket, an emergency life jackets.
We can often see on television, for example, the scene of an accident, a reference to the various disaster scene to the rescue of the wounded, the wounded with emergency life-saving blanket wrap, which can effectively prevent the wounded body heat dissipation, improve the chances of survival of life-saving emergency blanket to create conditions for the better after rescue. Course, the emergency lifesaving blanket or blankets, large area, good thermal insulation, cold insulation performance, the advantage of completely waterproof, fully God any need in outdoor activities, the damp tent ground cloth to prevent contact with the body; as tent cover provide an additional barrier cloth, in the hot summer or cold winter silver coating can reflect heat, so a layer of reflective film coverage under a hot summer sun, the account remain cool, cold winter wild camping tents is covered with a layer of reflective film can be reflected back into the account of the heat back most of the human body, and raise the temperature inside the tent.
As common ground Cheap North Face Jackets, light weight, folding, good insulation, and even a picnic in the park needs to meet the wild; emergency, provide additional shielding of the body against the cold summer or the rescue of the wounded in the accidental circumstances. Blizzard jacket after opening the package, a small piece, about the size of two cigarette boxes and thickness, weight 220 grams, to anywhere easily into a backpack, vacuum packaging, bulky compression to a minimum. After the first time you turn on the use of manual compression, artificial compression does not just open the small size before, only the equivalent of a 500 ml space cup size.
The open look after vacuum packaging, try to stretch in the field circumstances need to achieve the best stretching effect, because it is a three-layer structure, the intermediate air empty layer, if not fully stretched, will not reach the expected results. The key parts are reinforced with plastic film, meet the wild harsh environment and sport stretching need. From the bottom, you can see the internal folds to increase the thickness of the air layer between layers, to achieve the best thermal effects. However, thermal effects are really good, I wore pictures of a few minutes time has been fully experience to his power, heat I sweat.

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