Correct choice of outdoor clothing skills

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We now know that the, outdoor dress three principles of the inner layer of perspiration, mid-level warm outer waterproof breathable. This is in a very early widely spread on the Internet. Its principle is nothing less than the inner layer of the body revealing the sweat band, revealed by the outer layer to the outer layer, also can block the entry of external moisture, perspiration layer in the cold, by the middle to keep warm. Long time no time to write something, to see many of my friends just copying the full copy, did not understand the principles of the dress give us a brief and correct some of the previous error.
First, we look at the inner layer, wicking layer. We say that in outdoor cotton underwear is taboo, because it absorb sweat attached to the body very uncomfortable, and not likely to be volatile, if it is in a cold environment may be detrimental to the body, this is right.
COOLMAX DuPont produced a wicking fabric cross-section of the fiber is a hollow cross pipeline fabric after being soaked in water can be quickly passed around to increase the volatile area, so it I. Khan performance is quite good. Cheap North Face Jackets Look at the middle, warm layer. Now warm layer is basic fleece and down products, down in a sleeping bag already very detailed. Fleece jacket in the market, we can see a lot, the price differences are many, but many of my friends can not tell them how much difference. Purchase ordinary fleece easiest comparison: see the thickness of the sweatshirt look velvet whether delicate, soft comfortable feel. In addition, there are still many new varieties of Moncler Outlet jacket, such as windproof fleece with stretch fleece, superfine fleece, fleece and even waterproof.
Need to pay attention to is and, breathable windproof fleece performance than ordinary fleece worse, if it would be more waterproof worse. There is no way this problem, waterproof and breathable always a contradiction. Superfine fleece now more use to wear the clothing of some within up, pay attention to the comfort.
Finally, talk about the outer layer of clothing, that is windproof, waterproof breathable jacket. In fact, and backpacks, shoes, almost Jackets can be divided into a variety of hiking models, foot models, each with its own leisure section of different design concepts, many brand also has its own different series Jackets, difficult to generalize. In normally, climbing paragraph Jackets will select three adhesive fabric while wearing hard, not so comfortable, but better wear resistance, and more suitable for mountaineering. Foot shall use of a relatively soft, two layers of fabric production, the use of a wider range of some. Travel shall focus on clothing lightweight and portable, to the GTX PACLITE this fabric.

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