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Diablo IV will definitely be the most anticipated title in the near future. All because during the BlizzCon 2019 convention this game was announced with really great momentum. It is true that the reason was the scandal under the carpet with a Chinese player in the background, but now the effect counts. People are waiting for the new Tristram story. This month, although we can play the presented world, which we remember from the first installment of the game, but probably fans can not wait for the premiere.

We have been waiting a long time for Diablo IV(Diablo IV Gold), and I think expectations for this game are rising. It's not helping. Blizzard must therefore strive even more, and this is delaying the premiere. Already at the BlizzCon convention we learned that the title is in the early stages of production and will not appear so quickly on the market, but hope the mother of stupid (and every mother loves her children). It is true that there is no official release date yet, but there are already approximate frames when the fourth part will hit our computers. There are other curiosities that can catch your attention.

Diablo IV will return to the roots and will be maintained in the dark climate we know from the first and second parts.

Here they have a big plus from me. Not that I don't like the third installment. It's really interesting and done in a cool style, but it's different. I liked the previous versions much more. They were playable. What's more, the third part met with considerable criticism in the gaming world. All because Blizzard has accustomed players to a different model. Anyone who knew this series from the first click of the mouse might feel confused. Young people who did not know the old titles had a great time with the latest part. Despite this, Blizzard does not want to make this mistake as before. It seems that fans of the old Sanctuary have a greater share of profits than new players, and the manufacturer bowed towards them.

New in Diablo IV will be different regions.

For the first time in the history of the series, the Sanctuary will offer an open world divided into pluralistic regions. We will have maps such as desert Kedżystan, inhabited by werewolves Scosglen and Dry Steppes. My curiosity is aroused by the PvP mechanism introduced by Blizzard. According to the developers, clashes between users will not be balanced and fair. This is a very bold and unusual approach to the topic. In this part, threats will lurk at every turn and the game is to give the impression of a real duel. This implies the possibility of attack by two high-level players completely unexpectedly.

In Diablo IV you will be able to exchange items, but there will be no auction house.

However, the character's appearance has been modified. It will be much more refined than in previous parts. We will be able to change hair styles, skin color and even special characters. The personalization system will have some limitations. They are introduced so as not to create as bizarre characters. After all, people have unlimited imagination. I bet that Polish characters would walk with genitals on their heads.

The land in Diablo IV can be traversed on a special mount.

What's more, each of the heroes will have their own horse. You can summon him at any time. The game will offer single player campaigns. If you prefer company, you can use the mode of working with other players. In their free time, users can take part in PvP battles. It is also important that even for Single Player mode you will need a network connection.

If you are waiting for Diablo IV, then you must be patient.

It will definitely not appear this quarter, maybe not even this half year. The developers have reported that the game is in a very early development phase. During one of the panels at BlizzCon, the project director (Luis Barriga) announced that the announced title will not soon hit the store shelves. It is said that we can see it at the earliest at the end of 2020. The most likely release date is the beginning of 2021. Still, there is hope that the Diablo IV will debut at least in mid-2020 before the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's new platform will go on sale. At the moment, the game has been announced exclusively for personal computers and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This suggests that production should debut during the dominance of the eighth generation consoles.

Maybe there is no release date yet, but the first approximate requirements for the game have appeared on the network.

I waited the most because I don't buy gaming computers and I was wondering if I would have to embrace new equipment.

Diablo IV for PC - minimum hardware requirements

    processor: Intel Core i3
    RAM memory: 4 GB
    graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 4870 / Intel HD Graphics 4400
    operating system: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)

Diablo IV for PC - recommended system requirements

    processor: Intel Core i5
    RAM memory: 8 GB
    graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 6870 or better
    operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)

Diablo IV is to be developed for several years after the premiere.

Nothing unusual. Some work was put into it. Blizzard for the fourth installment of Diablo has created a new graphics engine. What's more, the producers claim that the main plot focusing on Lilith is treated by them as "the first chapter of the book." Blizzard announces that there will be many things to do in the game and MMOXR Online Store, even after the endgame, and the thread will not be 100% finished.

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