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(Vent) So buy wow gold I have been just a little depressed thinking about my mother. I found out we were having a little girl and am sooo excited, but my mother is an issue. I know for some of you "Hate" is a strong word but here is a little background. I moved around all my childhood when my mother decided to be with my Step Dad. She fed me nothing but BS stories with my real dad (who im close with now) and didn't talk to him for 16 years of my life. My Step Dad was the biggest POS ever. He was an abusive alcoholic and one night beat the crap out of my mom. After a year, she went back to him and took us (my bro and I) with. After 6 more horrible years with him, he finally died. I'm not sad in the least bit. After we moved back to my home state where my mom flew into depression and I was left raising my brother and keeping the house up. When I was 16 (almost 17) met my DH. He was 5 years older than me. We got into a childish fight one night and my mom thinking she had a say called him and told him that THEY needed to talk. I told my DH not to b/c it was none of her business. and ever since then my mother and I have fought, she banned him from her house. I moved out at exactly 18 years old and have not looked back. She would call start a fight and tell me my life is spinning downwards (Yet, I graduated college, got married, and than got prego). That is soemthing my family never did. Oh and to top it off for the last 5 years she has not shown up to family get togethere my DH and I have attended, and She did not come to my wedding. All she does nowadays is sit on her computer and play World of Warcraft. REALLY??? She still has my step dad ashes in the house and I'm pretty sure they just need to be flushed down the toliet. When we found out we were pregnant, my grandma encouraged me to call my mom and tell her so she didn't have to hear it from someone else. So I did. and she says: "That took longer than I thought it would". Btch! Thanksgiving she really set me off. My DH and I were making our rounds, and had no idea what time my mom was going to my grandmas. So I called my grandma to tell her we were on our way. It took my mom less than 5 min after my DH walked in to up and leave and go home. Leaving my brother to walk home later that night. I completely freaked. Like how immature and retarded can you be. I don't want her around my child and have not talked to her since thanksgiving. Especailly through the crap she put me through. I just don't want her negativity around my child one bit. I feel bad b/c she's not going to get to know her granddaughter. I want to write her a letter telling her its a girl and telling her if she doesn't get help than there is no way shes allowed around my daughter. I just hate her so much and feel bad to say that, but she just makes me so mad. Is there anyone else who doesn't talk to there mother and they are not involved in your childs life? I have been just in a funk about it. and our whole other family supports us and loves us. It's just my mom. Thanks for listening! (it was longer than I thought, but feel better!) I have VERY similar situation with my own mother and I rarely talk to her. I wouldn't say I hate her, but I just don't really know her or have a relationship with her. She has sent a total of 3 text messages my entire pregnancy. After she asks how I am doing, she bitches about whatever drama she has going on in her life. We have had this relationship for almost 20 years now, so I am mostly used to it. It is sad to not have my mom around for my first baby. There are things I wish I could ask her. Also, I have such a bond with my baby girl and I can't imagine ever not being in her life 100%. mother is a troubled woman and I just keep waiting for her to grow up. She is 55 now and I doubt that will ever happen. I have no idea what kind of relationship she will have with my daughter, but I know it won't be close. I am sorry that you are having such a hard time with it. I really do know what you are going through and I am here if you ever need to talk. Awww gal, the things we think about when we're pregnant. My long story short, very, very similar to yours. The final straw for me were my twins. I would use my mother as an example, of who I didn't want to be. With this said, she came to the hospital refused to hold my sweet angels and texted on her phone the entire time she was there. I made the decision then and there to not allow her to hurt my children the way she has done to me all these years. Her NOT holding them was the best thing she could have ever done for them and me. must banned together and know we are not alone. i didnt meet my real dad till i was about 17 and my mom is always very contradicting and confuses people. but we definitely have alot of ups and downs but lately it feels like more downs than ups right now. it feels like everytime she talks to me i get stressed out. she wants to go shopping for my registry with me which i already planned to do with my friend. im trying to be nice and letting her go, but i know we're going to get into a fight because she always has to have everything her way even tho its for my child. good luck and hang in there! I'm so glad someone finally posted this, because I've been struggling with a similar issue. I would say I was raised about 85% by my grandparents then whenever she wasn't on a total binge, I would live with her. When I was with her, she was abusive (verbally, mentally and physically) when I finally moved away from her, I cut all ties. I told her exactly what I thought of her and the way she has treated me and I changed my phone number. I haven't talked to her in three years. now she found out from a family member that I'm pregnant and is trying desperately to get in touch with me, which I don't want. She stresses me out, plus she is positive for Hepatitis C (from sharing needles, no doubt) has not been treated. I am not willing to expose my family to this disease or to the possible abuse and disappointment that I experienced my whole life. I live a completely different lifestyle than she does, and the only thing I feel like we have in common is the fact that she gave birth to me. I don't even call her "Mom," I just refer to her by her first name. for the vent, it's just good to not feel so alone on this issue. I think there are some people we're just better off without, and plenty of people don't understand that. But it's your life, your choice, and you have to do what you feel is right. have an almost 2 yr old that I will not take to my parents' house. mostly (after a long time of processing everything) just pity my mom. dad is a selfish jerk. invite them to my house for family functions, but I can't go there. So, I guess I would not bother with the letter. will fall on deaf ears. keep your distance and you will know when your mom gets better. will reach out to you, I'm sure. you will hear about it. her is only opening yourself up to disappointment. i work with my step dad and it is really hard everyday. i feel like i am completely stuck especially because i am pregnant and need the money and medical insurace. my mom is quitting her job because she thinks she watching my kid! ha no way! all my family does is yell and scream at kids that aren't even old enough to even know right from wrong. i do not want child be in such a negative environment! and i don't understand because we already told them that my fiances parents are watching our kid because we live with them and one works 2nd shift and the other is on workers comp so i dont know why she thinks shes still watching my kid! I understand. I think it's especially hard at times like these when it's natural to want to have your mother be a part of your life. Unfortunately, not everyone has a picturebook relationship with their mothers. I haven't in a very long time, if I ever really did. It took me years and a therapist or two to come to understand that my mother did the best that she could. There were good times when I was young and she did teach me a number of important things. I like to remember those. Mine has cut off the entire family and hasn't spoken to any of us in years. She is happiest when she is miserable and can complain about it and can blame god, the universe and a 36 year old divorce on her present circumstances (anything other than taking responsibility for her own life). I have always left the door open to her if she ever gets the help she needs and will continue to do so. However, I no longer welcome the stress and insanity that follow her around and refuse to allow her to manipulate me anymore. I used to hate her, now I just feel sorry for her and I wish her only the best. My mom is a crazy loon and put me through more than any child should see. She alway picked her abusive, drug addicted or alcoholic men over me and when her husband finally died she thought that I was the one who should care for her and be there for her like she wasnt for me. Although I love my mom . I still feel uncomfotable around her. My dad is a dick and has meet my DS1 2 times and I have no intrest in having him in our lives. He wasn't at my wedding nor was he in my life up to that point. I think what I did was ask myself are these people helping or hindering my life. Sometimes you just have to let go and move on :( Welcome to join Safewow Spring Great Deals I for each customer. Using 7% off code “SGD7”to buy WOW GOLD US/EU or other items on safewow from March 7 to March 13. 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