All the new changes to Brimstone

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Jagex now is making a poll for Brimstone and the Inferno. Should Brimstone and buy rs gold the Inferno be added to Old School RS? To this question each person may have different ideas. Currently, if you still don't have a comprehensive understanding about Brimstone and the Inferno, please read this article beyond your convenience.

All the new changes to Brimstone

1. Brimstone Thieving

You'll find new targets for pickpocketing, requiring level 90 Thieving and Chronicle Player providing exactly what you might expect to find in a rocky settlement: gems and tokkul.

2. Brimstone Fishing

The lava which flows within Brimstone is surprisingly full of life. Infernal eels may be fished from the lava by players with Level 80 Fishing, providing they have an Oily Rod and are using Ice Gloves. What’s more, Fishing Infernal eels in Brimstone would provide roughly 35,000 Fishing experience per hour.

3. Kahlith Monsters & Armours

You'll also find yourself surrounded by attackable Kahlith. Found all throughout the village, the Kahlith are weak to elemental water spells. They can be killed for a chance at some interesting new gear: Kahlith armour.

Kahlith armour is a rare drop from various Kahlith citizens. Each piece requires level 60 Defence to equip and offers some interesting offensive stats and effects.
Main design of the Inferno in OSRS

The Inferno is a wave-based PvM challenge found at the core of the volcano village of Brimstone. The Kahlith insist that outsiders must prove their strength before taking on the challenge of The Inferno. You must make a one-time sacrifice of a Fire Cape in order to convince the Kahlith you're worthy. The Inferno will put you up against many new Kahlith enemies and will be a brutal test of skill.Since Jagex is considering to make so many changes in rs 2007, you’d better use exclusive 5% off code “RSYK5” to stock enough cheap runescape 2007 gold in advance. We guarantee the 100% satisfied customer service and secure trade. Take actions right now!

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