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You brought out all the dim bulbs with that comment. Obama went to Harvard Law School which is very impressive. However, most of you are too ignorant to know that Bush went to Yale for undergrad and then went to Harvard Business School so with your logic Bush is also quite intelligent. I not questioning Obama intellect but he not fit to lead America. He has absolutely no economic experience when we need a leader now that knows how to run finances. The race card is the most ridiculous argument I have ever heard. There are plenty of African Americans who don like him either. Herman Cain for one. One of the rising stars in the GOP is Marco Rubio, a latino. The racist allegations are a smokescreen to distract from the real issues. Like, Obama has no idea what he doing.

Somewhere, maybe at this very moment, neurologists are trying to figure out what all this screen time is doing to the still forming brains of people Katherine's age, members of what's known as Generation Z. Educators are trying to teach them that not all answers are Googleable. Counselors are prying them out of Internet addictions. Parents are trying to catch up by friending their kids on Facebook. Facebook is obsolete.) Sociologists, advertisers, stock market analysts everyone wants to know what happens when the generation born glued to screens has to look up and interact with the world.

Nobody's supposed to take GTA seriously or admire the characters. I've been playing GTA games for years, and I'm a normal adult who has no urge to steal cars or commit crimes. It's just a game, and people who can't separate virtual reality from reality (and I do think that most kids who blame their actions on violent video games are just trying to find an excuse to get out of trouble) must have some serious mental issues that would surface in one way or another at some point anyway.

Callaway said the team can't afford to so radically alter bullpen roles, said Diaz "will continue to get big outs for us," even though in his last six appearances the ERA is now 11.12 and the WHIP is 1.58 and if none of those things have yet cost a Mets a game they were about to win, that tightrope won't do as the season winds down.

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