The Onmyoji Arena game takes place in the Heian period

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The Onmyoji Arena game takes place in the Heian period, where Abe no Seimei has to deal with his other self (Dark Seimei). Here Seimei must deploy his Shikigami to fight the Yokai led by Dark Seimei. Well, this Yokai and Shikigami will be the hero you can play. Some of them are Ibaraki Doji, Shuten Doji, Hakuro, Ebisu, and many more. There are even some heroes from the legendary Inuyasha anime series, such as Inuyasha, Kikyo, and Sesshomaru. You will also be spoiled by the character designs on this Onmyoji Arena. With 3D character design, anime style will make you feel at home playing this MOBA.

The 3v3v3 entertainment and free-for-all mode created by the game is the first of its kind, and the 100-Ghosts-Playing method has integrated features like multiplayer team-battle, resource contention, and fast-paced combat. Game players will be divided into three teams with three players per team, and they can play the free-for-all in a straightforward manner. On the map of "Royal Battle", game players are born at the three apexes of the map respectively, the central area is the dueling area, and the team which has first sealed 30 Shikigamis will win.

Onmyoji Arena has the first ever three on three on three triangular Battle Royale mode. Players spawn in three different locations on the map with the combat zone in the center. The team who knocks out 30 enemy Shikigamis wins. It is an excitingly fast-paced mode and a lot of fun.If you are in love with exotic Japanese art style, like MOBA game, and seek a fair fight with the elite gamers around the world, then Onmyoji Arena is a game that you can not miss! Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer cheap Top Up Onmyoji Arena Jade for players.

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