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Evolution of Ulysse Nardin Freak Watch

Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has become a leader in innovation and experimentation because his late owner, Rolf Schnyder, passed away within 10 years of launching a watch called Freak. In addition to the very original design, Freak's controversy was the use of silicon parts in mechanical movements - this is the industry's number one. At the time, anything but the most traditional materials and techniques was banned in the high-end Swiss watchmaking industry.

A review of Freak after 15 years of launch shows that its impact on the watch industry is clearly profound. Compared with traditional watchmaking materials (such as metal), silicon is not only famous for its advantages, but also the watch industry regards the success of the times as the mechanical tradition and status of avant-garde luxury products.nice Rado HyperChrome replica watches

Visually, geeks are strange because most of the movement itself is displayed on the dial, forming the minute hand of the watch. All Freak watches have no crown and are quite fixed and wrapped around the case itself.

This less obvious mechanism means that you twist the back of the notch of the chassis to wrap the movement, and then turn the bezel of the watch (after lifting the small security lock) to set the time. Getting rid of geeks has never been one of Ullsse Nardin’s major achievements on wristwatches, as the process is embarrassing.

Despite this, although the movement is manually wound, the power reserve of the Freak watch is about one week - which means that the watch's winding does not need to be performed regularly. Ulysse Nardin implemented a clever and simple way to display the power reserve of the watch by having a small porthole on the barrel, revealing the spring itself so that the user can see the winding degree of the

In the early days of Freak, it was completely unclear to Ulysse Nardin what kind of commercial success it would achieve. After the initial limited production, the brand eventually produced more, and then the new cosmetics version of the freaks began to become the norm. For example, in 2007, Athens Nardin released a limited edition of 28 original Freak diamond suits.

Gradually, Ulysse Nardin also improved the mechanical properties inside the watch. In 2010, when Ulysse Nardin and Freak Diavolo promoted their games together, one of the most important Freak transformations in 2010 was the addition of a flying tourbillon to the existing sport, which has been more or less like a track. The tourbillon works like that. An important element of Freak Diavolo is to eliminate the center pin throughout the movement and keep the sapphire crystal in place. Ultimately, Ulysse Nardin can design stitches even if some collectors like Hublot Classic Fusion 542.ZP.1180.RX replica watch

Freak Diavolo Ulysse Nardin played with Freak Cruiser.

With each new Freak watch, Ulysse Nardin will provide additional adjustments or design changes aimed at enhancing and diversifying the personality of the Freak timepiece. The freak cruiser means to replace the original freak as the most accessible version of freak. One can easily call Freak Cruiser the most complete Freak in the day complex because of its blended features, aesthetic optimization, and ability to wear daily.

Later in 2015, Ulysse Nardin released the complex FreakLab, which introduced a new double escapement system that many thought was a further bend in the muscles of Athens Nardin. Finally, freaks include features that might take pedestrians into account, such as the date window - and the ability to set the date without a crown.where to buy replica richard mille watches


Recently, Ulysse Nardin chose a Freak watch to celebrate its collaboration with the American Cup's Swedish entrant Artemis, creating a Freakking with black and yellow carbon fiber bezels.

After more than 15 years of service life, Freak has changed from a revolutionary timepiece to a fixture in the state of the art Haute Horlogerie.


Freak timeline

2001 – Launch of the Freak

2005 – Freak 28,800 V/h and Freak Diamond Heart with synthetic diamond escapement parts unveiled

2007 – The Freak DIAMonSIL makes it debut, combining synthetic diamond and silicon in the escapement

2010 – First Freak with a flying tourbillon which indicates the seconds, the Diavolo unveiled

2013 – Freak Cruiser with clear sapphire parts

2015 – FreakLab

2016 – FreakWing for Team Artemis


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