Infinity War Fan Cosplays As The Infinity Gauntlet

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One committed Avengers: Infinity War fan brought the Infinity Gauntlet to life via a massive cosplay costume. While Thanos won’t be sporting his cool armor throughout the whole film (something some fans are not too happy about), it’s expected that he’ll be wearing the hand gear designed to hold all six Infinity Gems together. The MCU has yet to fully explain where the gauntlet came from, but it’s a given that whoever wields it with the complete set of stones will have unlimited power – and the initial goal for the Mad Titan so he can execute his universe-altering plans.

With only a few weeks left before its debut, Marvel fans are already on the edge of their seats waiting for Infinity War to hit cinemas. While others spend their time relentlessly sifting through websites, social media, and forums for any piece of news (spoiler or not) in relation to the film or rewatching the whole MCU catalog as a refresher, one fan decided to build a huge Infinity Gauntlet costume.

Taking to his official Instagram, Marvel Vice President Ryan Penagos shared a photo of a cosplayer who attended this year’s  Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) as the Infinity Gauntlet. The company exec even put a gauntlet prop in front of the attendee for reference, and except for the wrong positioning of the stones, it was pretty spot-on.

With the size of that costume, it’s curious how many hours (not to mention the money spent on materials) it took the creator to finish the project. Penagos didn’t share who was behind the Infinity Gauntlet cosplay, but whoever they are, kudos to them for a job well done. The project was perhaps a great way to pass time while waiting for the release of Infinity War. While the costume is presumably heavy to carry around a packed convention, it’s also a great way to make sure to have some extra personal space while roaming the venue. Or if the artist wants, they can share the load with a friend as they wander through the halls and not get bumped by a single person because everyone is making way for them.

People starting to cosplay as the Infinity Gauntlet is an illustration of how much fans associate the magic glove to Mad Titan Thanos given that he’s really the only one who has worn it in the MCU thus far. As with Iron Man’s reactor/suit, Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer, it’s his trademark and seeing it immediately reminds people of the supervillain. Arguably, while the six Infinity Stones have always been linked to him and his imminent arrival via Avengers: Infinity War, he has been sporting that gauntlet, regardless if it didn’t have the gems yet, dating back to his Avengers: Age of Ultron stinger.

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