NOW Choline And Inositol 500 mg: The Important Connection Between Choline And Inositol

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Choline and Inositol are two powerful nootropics. If you haven’t the vaguest idea what that means, you’re in luck. Neither do most people. Nootropics are chemicals that helps your body’s mental processes, such as memory, focus, and cognition.

Choline is a B vitamin that helps develop your brain and your liver, and your body can make inositol from glucose and it helps your body metabolize fats and it supports brain function. Using a choline and inositol combination vitamin, like NOW Choline and Inositol 500 mg, is actually beneficial to you too because it helps your body make lecithin, a naturally-occurring nutrient that is mostly found in plants that helps your body break down nutrients as well as move fats through the bloodstream.

Taking Choline and Inositol individually is important for the maintenance of overall health, but it is also important to take them together. Having choline in your body is essential for having healthy brain cognition, memory, and learning. If you have a choline deficiency, that is indicated by memory loss and dementia. Choline is found in foods like egg yolks and salmon, but taking a supplement can be benefit your overall health. Inositol is needed in your body because it is a part of all of your body’s tissues.

It breaks down the fats in your body and helps your metabolism, helps lower your cholesterol, and prevents fatty deposits in the liver. It also helps with brain cognition and mood. You can get Inositol from soy beans and legumes, but taking a supplement helps if you don’t eat these foods. As good as these two nutrients are for you by themselves, they are even better for you together. Together they create lecithin, which is a compound that that helps your body break down nutrients and use them in your body. It also helps your body transport fats and it is a major part of cellular structure. Using a dual supplement like NOW Choline and Inositol 500 mg can greatly benefit your overall health.

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