Selling customize products in the drop shipping business?

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Custom ization is one of the most popular ways for making products by yourself among consumers. It is believe that NikeId and Coca-Cola Freestyle are leading the market of custom ization. A custom ized product allow consumers to differentiate from other people, and this is why so many people want to buy a custom ized product even it is pretty expensive than normal products. It is feasible to selling custom ized products in the drop shipping business and it should be profitable in the future.

Pros and cons of doing customized products drop shipping business.


a. Strengthen the connection between retailers and custom ers. Selling custom ized products allow retailers have a detailed communication with custom ers because custom ers need to take the initiative to request what they actually need and want. Therefore, retailers can get more information from custom er ’ s request, and then providing consumers with market-compliant products for the future development. It is helpful for retailers to clearly understand the current consumer market trends in order to find out the next hot niches.

b. Reducing the inventory and sales pressure. Selling custom ized products allow retailers do not need to prepare too many finished products because most of custom ized products are unfinished products before receive any request from custom ers. Moreover, selling custom ized products helps to reduced retailers ’ sales pressure because of the smaller number of finished products. At the meantime, retailers can have more funds to invest in other drop shipping businesses.

c. Higher profits. Normally, the costs of custom ized products are much higher than normal products, which means retailers can make more profits from the custom ized products drop shipping business such as custom ized mugs and custom ized hats .

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a. Hard to meet all the needs of custom ers. It is believe that retailers cannot fully implement custom ized products drop shipping business because they cannot meet the requirements of all custom ers, this may lead to a decline in profits. At the meantime, retailers have to be careful about the copyright issues. Retailers may be subject to legal charges if retailers sell infringing products;

b. Long period during the trading process. custom ized products require multiple exchanges between retailers and custom ers to finish the process of manufacturing. Therefore, ti may takes a lot of time during the entire trading process. Moreover, the finished custom ized products may need to modified which means the increasingly costs may reduce the profits.

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What should we do if I cannot sell customized products, but I want to sell something different from other sellers?

It is believe that the higher cost have prevented many retailers from launching custom ized products in the drop shipping business, and the long period of making profits is another reason for that. However, you can find some products with unique designs which can also attract custom ers to replace custom ized products , in order to make profits as the same as selling custom ized products. Therefore, in the following description, I will introduce some products with unique designs from Chinabrands, you may make profits from the unique and interesting design.

a. Heat changing mug. It is a mug from Chinabrands that can changing its color and patterns by different level of heats. The appearance of the cup is black, and with a starry sky pattern when you put the mugs at room temperature. Moreover, if you add some hot water to the heat changing mus, the pattern of the mugs will become to the universe because of the design and raw materials. You can see well-known planets such as Venus and Saturn on the appearance of the mugs . It is believe that the heat changing mugs have its unique design for attracting custom er which are possible to be the substitutes for custom ized mugs .

b. Fishing hats . Here is a adjustable fishing hat manufacture by Leo that is the suppliers for Chinabrands. It using the camouflage pattern that is the helpful for your fishing or other outdoor activities such as camping. Moreover, there is a unique design of this fishing hat which is lighting. You can easily turn on the light right on top of the hats for lighting, it is so good for those people who need to walking at night or night fishing. It is believe that the unique design of this fishing hat can easily make profits from targeted custom ers because it is designed specifically for those people want to go outdoors for fishing.

c. socks . It is believe that there are so many different style of socks in the global drop shipping market now, and you need to know how is the market trend going in order to buy some trendy socks for selling. It can clearly know that those hot selling socks have unique patterns or designs. For example, as the products shows below from Chinabrands, the color of socks is gray and white, however, there are two sentences printed on the bottom of the soles that is ‘ If you can read this ’ and ‘ bring me a beer ’ . That is the design of this socks for making fun which is the point of sale. It is believe that custom ized socks is design for those people who want something make them looks different, but the products with unique design may have the same effect as a custom ized product.

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There are so many custom ized products in the drop shipping now such as socks , mugs , hats , stickers and iP hone cases . It can clearly know one of the biggest pros of selling custom ized products is differences compared to others. It is worth to do custom ized product drop shipping business because of its high profits and potential future development.

However, selling custom ized products may require you spend so much time and money on it, it is possible to find some products with unique design may help you to make it as substitutes of custom ized products. In addition, cooperating with a reliable drop shipping platform such as Chinabrands is necessary for make profits from your drop shipping business because the drop shipping platform can help you to select the correct products and selling strategies

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