extend eyelash growth phase to increase eyelash size

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As is true for all hair follicles on the body, all eyelash follicles are present at birth and their numbers do not increase during life [13, 15]. The hair follicles of many mammals exhibit synchronous hair cycles, but in humans the hair cycle is asynchronous such that some hair follicles are growing while others are dormant [13]. The hair cycle for all hair types is divided into the phases of anagen, catagen, and telogen, but the average length of the cycle and the individual phases varies by body location.

Though variable, the normal eyelash cycle is estimated to last from 5 to 11 months (Fig. 1a) (Latisse package insert, Allergan, Inc., 2008, and unpublished data) [13, 16, 17]. The growth phase of eyelash follicles, anagen, lasts approximately 1–2 months. During anagen, in addition to growth, melanogenesis and the subsequent transfer of pigment to the hair shaft also occurs [13]. The duration of anagen crucially impacts hair length [10]. Anagen is a period of rapid cell proliferation and differentiation [18]. Following anagen, eyelash follicles enter catagen, a transition phase, which lasts approximately 15 days and is the time during which epithelial elements of the follicle undergo apoptosis or programmed cell death [13]. The longest phase of the normal eyelash cycle, telogen or the resting phase, lasts approximately 4–9 months [13, 16, 17]. Throughout telogen, no significant cell differentiation, proliferation, or apoptosis occurs [18]. Expulsion of the previous hair (i.e., exogen) takes place during the transition between telogen and anagen


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