The President of the Republic awarded the Photographic tour “Nel Cuore delle Immagini” taken from

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Questo comunicato è stato pubblicato più di 1 anno fa. Le informazioni su questa pagina potrebbero non essere attendibili.  In 2009 - The President of the Republic awarded the Photographic tour “Nel Cuore delle Immagini” taken from cultural project "Amando Cattolica". 

Quirinale ″The President of the Republic wanted to spend the medal, as his reward representation, for the Photographic tour “Nel Cuore delle Immagini”. 


A letter from Vatican Secretary of State: “…The Supreme Pontiff Holy Father Benedetto XVI, in gratitude for the thoughtful gesture and the feelings that accompany it, ... .. would like a more profitable activity in the service of culture…"  


In 2008 - The Exhibition organized under the project "Amando Cattolica" values, with high quality photographs, the city and its territory, focusing on issues and staring capable of arousing the public suggestions and stimulating memories. Expressing appreciation for the art work that combines technical and creative skills with the careful renovation of cultural roots, the President of the Republic addressed to you, the organizers and all participants a cordial good wish, join in my personal one.                                                                           Donato Marra  The Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic   


In 2010 The photo exhibition "Looks, Expression of Feeling" from the Project “Amando Cattolica” scheduled from June 2 to September 30, 2010 town of Cattolica is held under the Patronage of the Ministry of Tourism. Tourism Minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla  



Institute for artistic, cultural and natural heritage of Emilia-Romagna. Catalogue of SBN pole of the Emilia-Romagna Pole of the Emilia-Romagna, adhering to the National Library Service, is managed by the cultural heritage Institute. 

Publications "Amando Cattolica" cataloged in SBN: 

La via dell’Amore e delle Immagini Edizione 2007
Immagini come battiti di ciglia Edizione 2008
Nel Cuore delle Immagini Edizione 2009



The fifth edition of the book of photographs related to the Project "Amando Cattolica" continues the journey in pictures titled "Gazes, expression of feeling" that makes sense the theme of the album photographs, witness and timely news stories, cities, countries and situations that clearly reflect the essence of a deep underground, where the deepest feelings have always found ways and means of expression. The book then moves away from the Catholic, along a trail that covers many cities in Emilia-Romagna and the Marches, in order to expand increasingly the target of his artistic research. All this is confirmed in the identity shared by the people of this land, hardworking, productive, dynamic, lively and generous and for which the concept of solidarity, hospitality, accommodation and coexistence has ancient roots, until it becomes more and more appreciated destination of Italian and Foreign guests. The art of photography often made possible to stop time, becoming faithful witness of moments and emotions that is difficult to describe in words and in this the skill of Anthony Barbieri is clearly an act of love for his land. 

Vasco Errani, President Emilia Romagna 

 The Project "Amando Cattolica", which raised far beyond the general appreciation of our local community, earning the praise of the highest national institutions, is an admirable example of how to pay homage to their land, enhancing roots, traditions, suggestions, feelings . In particular, the new retrospective "In the heart of the image, with its blow-ups that blend with the urban landscape, staged for the audience of citizens and visitors to the bustling daily life of a city that has always been in harmony, interacts with the sea. Stefano Vitali President of the Province of Rimini                                                                                                                                            --------------------------

"Images that give Emotions".  These images provide an experience, what the province of Pesaro and Urbino transmits through its natural, artistic, architectural, turning from the sea to the green areas, from the mountains to the villages, to the streets calling to take a step back in time, in atmosphere and feel alive. A combination of modernity and tradition that this fine publication, mostly photographic, makes the most of capturing the look and focusing on what is beautiful and authentic this earth has to offer. Therefore commend to Antonio Barbieri, his sensitivity to point the lens of the photographer not only to the places but also on their history, identity of persons,  atmosphere and suggestion. 

                Davide Rossi                                                             Matteo Ricci 



Provincial Councillor for  Cultural Policies              President of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino e valorizzazione beni storici e artistici   



Genuineness, simplicity, old tastes are qualities that the visitor is immediately aware and which is immediately captured when he comes to Cattolica, and across the Romagna. So it happens to me every time I pass by, I feel at home. This feeling I find in the intense images of Antonio Barbieri, with sensitivity, love for his land, curiosity and passion, he returns atmospheres and landscapes but also and above all, actions and feelings of those living here or living the city only on vacation. The culture of hospitality is deeply rooted in these parts to be entered in the way of life of those who received us with affection and sympathy, as if we were part of the family, and makes a unique and unforgettable stay in these areas. And this naturally, developed over the years to become almost innate, which determined the success of the Adriatic coast in the tourist-resort national system. It should go from here all those who are preparing to make tourism their profession to experiment and, if possible, learn ... the richness of simplicity.
Fabrizio Galeotti
Direttore Generale Touring Club Italiano 


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