The Cultural-photographic project "loving Cattolica", a social commitment

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The fifth edition year 2010-2011.   

 2010 -2011 Publication entitled: "Looks" Expression of Feeling. Reminding the professor Guido Paolucci  Ageop founder, has received major national and international praise and feedback. 

The Cultural-photographic project "loving Cattolica", a social commitment.      

 To prevent a child becomes ill with cancer or leukemia he needs to receive the best care possible, but above all he needs to have close to whether, in every moment, his family, he has the right to play in a serene and cheerful environment, he has the right to continue his education, he has the right and need to think that cancer will one day be eradicated. 

The author of the Photo-Cultural Project of "Loving Cattolica "  search with this gesture to make a modest contribution to this prestigious project established by Prof.Guido Paolucci, died five years ago, which gave the town of Cattolica grateful to the Golden Key of the City, for his merits as a scientist and for his commitment to his city that he loved so much,devoting several pages of the book AGEOP Association, for service and the reception of children suffering from leukemia and cancer diseases.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Who was Guido Paolucci? Say it was a great scientist, a philanthropist, a benefactor, it is stating the obvious, Guido Paolucci was above all a man who has made the human journey and science the meaningful theme of his life.To remember and Guido Paolucci and the AGEOP Research he created, an important group of people have joined and made their specific synergistic resulting in a volume entitled "symbolic": "Looks, expressions of a feeling"The cover offers the image of the rising sun touches the waves of the sea and announces the birth of a new day (a new life) and a seagull in ecstatic vision. The book is part of the " Loving Cattolica" the well-known photographer Antonio Barbieri, enriched by historical and biographical essay writer cattolichino Silvio Di Giovanni, expert tour guides Alessandra Fabri, from Rebecca Stagno designer and the collaboration of graphic design and the 'layout directed by Luciano Volpi.

"Loving Cattolica" A Commitment to Social 2010-2011. Publication entitled: "Looks" Expression of Feeling. Reminding the professor Guido Paolucci.

Pregnant theme is water as an irreplaceable element that gives life; fountains expression of harmony, gardens and flowers as soul of existence. The colors become the expression of feelings: the blue and light blue are linked to spirituality, green is the color of meditation .

The camera becomes a means and source of expression, the images area temporal evidence and rigorous chronicle of short stories, evoking the beauty of nature that give nourishment to emotional pressures, as in the images of the seasons: where spring opens to the lush ripeness of summer , which brings in his heart the poignant melancholy of autumn. The artistic / photography focuses on cities and illustrates the regions of Emilia Romagna and Marche. Tribute with pictures of the Vatican City, Rome and Florence.

The author of "Amando Cattolica" search with this gesture to make a modest contribution to this prestigious project established by Prof.Guido Paolucci.


An hospital is always a sad, especially when children are being hospitalized. In these situations it is essential to try to help these children to live in as good as possible. A galleon sailing in a beautiful blue sea or a colorful rainbow in the sky can enliven the walls of the Department of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Policlinico S. Orsola-Malpighi, designs that give with their simplicity a smile to children hospitalized in the structure. Thanks to Prof. Guido Paolucci, the unit was opened in 1967, becoming in the years one of the most advanced treatment and research of childhood cancer.

With the support of Professor Paolucci and some parents, in 1982 the AGEOP (Parents Association of Pediatric Hematology Oncology) was established, an association that give support to sick children and their parents. A child even if sick, more than ever need to live in a serene place with his parents, aplace that does not ever forget the face of a child. The work of many volunteers who donate a bit of their time to these children is admirable. Entertainment, logistics, planning tours, promotion and communication are just some of the many activities of the assistance association.

Often, families of sick people are left alone with their tragedy, too often adequate places lack to help these parents. This is why associations such as AGEOP should continue through the external promotion and volunteers to continue their work. Communication is important, knowing these realities everyone in his small, can help these children to find a smile, as the galleon sailing in the blue sea of the design ... Text of Alessandra Fabri

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