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It has been a fun 6 years enjoying MT. I'm done. I have put up with a lot of things over time. 2K18 was bad. I stop during that debacle. There has been numerous misteps through recent years. The MT glitch a few years ago was a kick in the face. But this year actually did me. With My Team and I play with because it's been an awesome Fantasy Basketball simulation game. Build your team and you get to use players. I love the concept. I have to make choices. Should I build my team of NBA 2K20 MT and forfeit shooting with players such as Ben and Rodman Wallace? Should I prioritize shooting guys like Petrovic and Mitch Richmond and make sacrifices?

It's fun because it rewards knowledge of NBA history. I find that Shaq is being used by somebody and if I am in an online game, I'm going to be prone to foul him knowing he is bad at the line. In the past, pink diamonds generally kept to the rule of"historical accuracy" to some extent. Where Shaq includes a 90 three, I don't wish to play a basketball game. I really don't want to use a Ben Wallace that is lights out from deep range. He took 7 threes in his whole career.... ever. It's not enjoyable to me. It's not realistic and it makes the mode meaningless. 2K produce might as well a 95 three with this kind of logic and a Mutombo card range extender. What is the point?

WHY EVEN GIVE NAMES TO THE CARDS Once the NAMES MEAN NOTHING??? And that is why I am done. The manner does not mean anything anymore. It's just 2K giving arbitrary stats. It is like playing a FPS game and the shotguns all have greater precision. It's foolish and I don't need any portion of it. It is not about the cash or the greed. I have put up with that for years. It's about lack of respect for the players memories.

For NBA 2K21 I wish they would implement a mode for MyTeam where no Glitched cards are usable the 3pt Shaqs, Bol Bols, Scalbrines, 3pt Simmons, Opal Alex Carusos, PG Giannis, Opal Tacko etc.. Glitched series cards could only be playable at the Glitched manner or call it Endless whatever this manner you would have increased MT point benefits since you invested so much for the Glitched cards.The other mode would be a rated MyTeam Builder Mode with cards that are more realistic. The rewards would be Team Tokens and put a larger emphasis on developing a group. Perhaps just 3 Galaxy Opals on the group kinda like a large 3. You would need 3 and your glue men and D specialists - Diamond level gamers. So 2K could still make money of course, the need for these men would nevertheless make them valuable and have raised costs in the Auction House.

I dunno maybe one of these modes would have a monthly subscription fee the rated Team Builder mode. Along with the Glitched mode would nevertheless make its crazy cash from the mad cards out there. Just throwing an idea out there instead its only has so much potential and to Buy 2K MT has destroyed from these cards. I feel like theres no authentic building a MyTeam its just"Purchase this weeks new mad cards or your group will probably be obsolete $$$" Maybe they could use form of a MtG strategy of Standard and Modern in order to sell new packs and the Glitched cards would be like the banned cards Magic has that arent enabled in competitive play.

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