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They see that they are a minority and won't take off their. When that is not true in any way, they possess the assumption that a portion of OSRS wants to do PvP. They would RuneScape gold have PvP with no need for updates, if folks wanted to PvP. PvMers and skillers aren't destroying the PvP community. The PvP community is destroying itself on what they all want, because the community is split. PvPers want fair 1v1 battles, they need clan struggles, they wish to just gangbang the PvMer/skiller who stepped into the wildy, they want to make lots of money, etc.. Jagex can't check the boxes off without pissing off another subsection of the PvP community or with said content. The money is the looting of your own kill. Any update which generates items/money from PvP will probably be abused no matter what.

Tribridding is the most enjoyable kind of pvp. You need to simply try it go play LMS guy and shed for one hour. You'll get far better rapidly.i did, it wasn't fun getting smacked. If you believe placing new players in the highest ability content potential, let us just replace the lumby cows with jad... xzact revealed they can take himbut it was fun.look I think I ultimately agree with you, LMS is not an perfect situation for learning how to pvp in runescape. Nonetheless, it's the best we have right now. There is 0 risk involved, you are given a setup in an even playing field, and even when you are brand new, sometimes you fight different men and women who are new/inexperienced as well, therefore it's not like you'd just get handled 100 percent of the time.

But dunit just seems to me that if you are somebody who devotes any sort of considerable time to OSRS, the it would probably be worth it to devote some time and concerted effort becoming better at pvp throughout the paths available, instead of simply giving up and saying it is too hard. Pvp is just one of the very fun and enjoyable parts of OSRS, undoubtedly, I cannot imagine playing RuneScape without it. And the obvious and complete lack of effort jagex makes me miserable, and makes me fear for RuneScapes future. I believe everyone in general greatly underestimates the impact pvp has on RuneScape, and how much worse RuneScape will be overall when pvp didn't exist.

I mean consider the removal of the wilderness/free trade, RuneScape literally died. Obviously a large part of that resulted from free trade removal, but the wilderness certainly had an effect too. Jagex themselves stated pre commerce removal, the wilderness has been the active zone in runescape. I don't think that it's a coincidence that RuneScape expired that jagex eliminated any incentive to enter the very active zone in RuneScape.OSRS should make a classic pking BH world

Folks are PKers, it's not the equipment that has changed to buy 2007 runescape gold. G Maul existed during that interval. So as you are expecting someone in complete rune is going to whip you quad spec and try they're actually going to handed you. Players have emerged and grown up alongside RuneScape. You are never going to receive your noob PKing backagain. In addition to this, the last thing we need is to additional segment the PKing inhabitants.

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