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With patch 0.5.12, Temtem currently has a brand new area specializing in capturing untamed Temtem. In-game, the Saipark is a natural reserve for migrating Temtem Pansun. For gamers, this can be weekly, late-game content for discovering high-level and Luma Temtem. In this guide, we will help you explain what you'll find there and find your path to the Saipark. Before you are able to reach the Saipark, complete the Quetzal Dojo and the various different objectives which make up"Shipwrecked in Tucma!" You won't be able to finish this mission until the island is added in a future update, so only advancement as far as you can.

Return to Deniz once you get the Rock-Hopping Hook from Manki. Rock-hop across the gap, and see the desk. You'll have to pay an entrance fee which is included with five Saicards. Future entrance fees will be dependent on the rarity of the Temtem inside (see below). The entry fee will be announced with the weekly reset. Saicards are like TemCards, but they work within the Saipark. Because TemCards don't operate within the park, you want them, though. To catch anything you will have to use a Saicard. Saicards expire using the weekly reset on Mondays.

There are (currently) three parts of the Saipark: the playground itself, as well as two Saipark Caves. Following the next gap that is rock-hopping, you'll see a Saipat statue. Just there is a mini-Temporium. It's everything you will need, such as a shop. This is when you run out, where you are going to purchase Saicards. There'll still be additional species inside, but the two particular ones may have different stats, Luma probabilities, and motions.

Until an information screen becomes added into the game, you'll need to check programmer Crema's social media -- such as Twitter -- to get the information on the week's Saipark Temtem along Temtem Pansun for sale with the entrance fee. On that update, you will see the two species along with their stats. Oceara and Barnshe really are a lot more common -- 30 percent as opposed to their usual 5% this week. You are also twice as likely to find a Luma edition of these -- however, bear in mind, that this only makes them in 4000, or 0.025% of the populace. The two stats are blank for this week's Temtem, however they refer to the number of SVs and egg moves each species will have.

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