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The Ankama Launcher is really slow to launch. The Uplauncher boom you are launching clients ready to go, and came up pretty much instantly. The Ankama Launcher generally feels sluggish and not fun to navigate and is slow to boot. I have had it crash on Kamas Dofus Retro once during regular browsing, with no error message or anything... The process only died but it was in a completely random moment and only once.This is all compounded by the fact that the Dofus client itself takes ten million years to launch these days. I have not felt anything get faster in the previous year, although I thought that was altered in a recent upgrade.

Frankly I feel like making your own launcher ecosystem isn't the best use of your team's resources.Steam exists, already has your games on it, already has the built-in messaging and IM system which you are likely hoping to make at this time, is regularly used by most of your Dofus players already, and supplies numerous advertising opportunities to possible new Dofus players looking for this type of MMO experience.Well that the Steam launcher won't even start Dofus now, thanks to that, so much for keeping things clean and all in 1 place. Ankama you should have learnt your lesson with an authenticator shizz that was dumb. Nobody asked for it, no one wants it. If you want to achieve a wider audience by going with Steam, why choose that choice away from us today?

The main reason I wasn't using the new launcher because the way memory flows that are poor are managed is causes my computer to crash. Compared to whatever 50% problem you are refering to that I experienced, what you just forced me to survive is a good deal worse. Everything you do is handled by the excuse"we can not have two launchers" but did you ever think of this until you created a second launcher? The first is still more polished, and that is not an oppinion.

The one LOOKS polished. If a person had ever taken the opportunity to finish one and bugfix itwould have been great, but I figure the Amanka way is just to create two horrible spaghetti codes and stare at them for a long time such as"Which do you hate less?" Without thinking about the intensity of memory leakage. Also removing the"in beta" line from amanka launcher won't make Cheap Dofus Kamas not a beta, before you try.

So, let me get this right. You've two launchers - the new one and the old one. Individuals, who have been using the old you had the loading screen dilemma, so today everybody is forced to utilize the new one? This is a pretty crazy idea, but... have you perhaps thought about, I really don't understand, just using those Dofus players utilize the new launcher instead? While the new one is from its god they could use the brand new one to correct the loading problem, the rest can perform a bug-free launcher?

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