Your gems all can be unlinked

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For gloves, wear a pair of Gripped Gloves. You'll want to fill out the resists which were lost by taking off the Queen here. These give a little more damage, in addition to another Path of exile currency life, and complete the resists you misplaced by placing on Kaoms. For your jewels, choose out Inspired Learning and find a jewel with lifetime (and probably the strength you were missing), as well as critical strike multiplier. Damage means life, and consistency.

For your flasks, use the same as another variant, but change out Jade for Granite, that is going to lead to big Abyss mob hits. This leaves you with Quicksilver, Dying Sun, Diamond, and Granite. This variant should have you over 5,000 life, with important defenses, so not much should scratch you!

For your damage setup you'll want to use: Tornado Shot, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Ice Bite, Added Cold, and Damage in Full Life. Your Herald of Ice setup ought to be: Herald of Ice, Onslaught, Curse on Hit, and Assassin's Mark. Your other aura should be Grace or Hatred, depending upon your installation. You'll Also want a setup that is Cast on Damage Taken plus Immortal Telephone.

Your gems all can be unlinked. The Crucial ones are Blink Arrow and Summon Ice Golem. If you're using a Queen then you can also set up a second Cast on Damage Taken with Temporal Chains and Ice Spear, plus Greater Multiple Projectiles. This adds a bit of protection.

To start with, for bandits, help Alira for your resistances and critical strike multiplier.Now, this build has many prospective trees. I've used three different ones. There are also options to choose Stage Acrobatics, which I have chosen not to perform in favor of getting four points. Here are the three I Have utilized: Queen of the Forest without Headhunter, Queen of the Forest with Headhunter, and the Heart without Headhunter of Kaom.

In terms of leveling, level using skills to buy poe orbs that are elemental. Utilize Storm Cloud into The Tempest to your own weapons. This can carry you till you can put on Windripper. Use leveling uniques that are typical for the rest of your slots, such as Tabula Rasa, Goldrim, Lochtonials, Wanderlusts, Karui Ward, and Darkness Enthroned. These will carry you. You can also possibly swap gloves and boots in actions that are later.

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